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The following procedures apply to part-time students who attend Georgia Mountains Christian Academy (GMCA).

All policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook apply. Additionally, the following guidelines are applicable:

Students in grades nine through twelve will be permitted to enroll part time. Students will be permitted to enroll in three courses or less and be considered part-time. Four courses or more will be considered full-time and full tuition will be applicable. Fees for part-time students will be as follows:

Registration fee: $100.00 (per family)

Part-time students are required to wear the GMCA uniform.

Part-time students who drive to school will be assigned a permanent parking space. Following arrival, the student will not be permitted to return to his/her automobile until he/she departs the school campus. Students will not be authorized to leave school between classes without written parental permission.

Entrance exams will not be required except for Algebra II. An Algebra I final exam will be administered to ensure that the student is placed at an appropriate level for success in the Algebra II course.

In addition to the core courses required for Georgia high school graduation, we offer Spanish and Health/P.E.

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